Where is my Order?

With an ever-growing customer base and list of orders, we ask that you please remember that we are not a mass-manufacture business.

Most products are hand made items.

Please check the current lead times of the product(s) you have purchased (listed on the product page in which the product can be added to the cart) and compare that to your order date. Keep in mind that those times may fluctuate given increased or decreased orders within the month.

Most hand-crafted products are made to custom order and have a 3-8 week turnaround time (depending on the product(s) ordered) and orders are fulfilled in the order in which they are received and it may not be uncommon to run a week or so behind schedule in times of high orders.

We are working very hard to keep lead times as quick as possible by working typically 7 days a week for 10 or more hours a day! Yes, we have THAT many orders at any given time (Thank you all for the excellent and growing patronage!)

If you would like to check on your particular order, please email HuntPrimitive@gmail.com for a more specific estimated finish date.  You may also call 352 428 4704 (Leave a message as we often times don’t directly answer since we are focused hard on completing everyone’s orders)