Basic Stone Point Information

Basic Information on what to expect from Good, Sharp, Hunting points
Differences between Obsidian and Chert\Flint-   plain and simple-  obsidian points are a little bit sharper   but flint\chert points are a bit stronger.  the differences are minor.  how to decide whats best for you?  decide if you want to favor strength or sharpness. Both have worked for thousands of years. If I make a suggestion, I say chert\flint for heavy poundage bows and obsidian or lighter poundage bows. But again…they all work.
Choosing sizes-  Often times stone points are made too big. I am a firm believer that bigger is NOT better when it comes to stone. the small, deadly little 50-100gr points, in my opinion are ideal. feel free to read my featured article on the subject-  Are You Shooting Arrowheads or Atlatl Heads?
How sharp is SHARP? – Some folks claim that stone is “sharper than it feels.”  I agree to some extent.
Often times stone points are not sharpened correctly. more emphasis is places on making them beautiful instead of sharp, which is fine if your going to set it on your shelf. If your going to hunt with them, they must be sharp!  It took me years to actually learn how to get them scary sharp
DO NOT ATTEMPT– If I lightly drag an Obsidian point across the back of my thumb\palm (not recommended), it will grab the skin and tug on it and actually cut me up if im not careful. If I were to drag them with a little pressure, they would seriously cut me up. if it doesn’t feel sharp, its not!  I guarantee mine are sharp or your money back. Cherts will be slightly less sharp, but are still extremely sharp.
TIPS:  keep a few points for practice only and never shoot your hunting points for practice or they will dull.  the edges can be touched up with a pressure flaker if you are comfortable doing so. I encourage customers to practice with similar weighted field points  to that of their desired stone point size. Once your arrows are tuned and ready to hunt, remove the field point and haft the stone point in place. To purchase my stone points, click hereOnly shoot stone points once or twice into soft foam targets or the points may break, keep in mind they are not as strong as steel. shooting into rocks or hard ground will most certainly break them. Always remove them from the target slow and straight out.