The Secrets and Science of Primitive Archery Book


The Secrets and Science of Primitive Archery

423 pages of Primitive Archery & Hunting Data. More information below

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If we can take all of the theory, tests, and experience from the pages of this book and use them to take down the largest animal on the continent, then we have reached the pinnacle of our ability to build the most efficient primitive hunting implements.”

Professional primitive builder and hunter, Ryan Gill, shares the Secrets & Science of primitive archery that he has amassed in over 20 years and over 50 big game animals taken with primitive hunting implements. This intensive breakdown of the contextual archery system is a compilation of experiments, data collection, and the practical hunting application of stone age bows and arrows at levels not seen in modern times. From the construction of wooden bows and arrows, bowstrings from natural materials and arrowheads chipped from the sharpest flints, Ryan brings a full understanding of how early man lived by the bow and arrow. He gives his readers the best information from his own real world experience so you too can build and hunt with the best in primitive hunting weaponry.

423 pages crammed with experience and data collection that is a MUST HAVE for any primitive archer.

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