Best Warranty in the Business!

As of Summer 2017 I now offer 2 different bow warranty packages depending on the bow ordered. This is to help keep overall costs down as well as to protect your investment.

         Lifetime Series bows warranty:

The active replacement warranty on a Lifetime Series bow (Bows listed as Lifetime series made after serial number 250, that come standard with the turquoise inlay arrowhead) is 2 years from the sale date, and free repairs for life (So long as the bow is in fact repairable)  (shipping payable  by customer only after the 2 year active warranty).

(Lifetime Series bows are models such at the Aboriginal, Osage Hunter, Fallen Sky, Yew Alpine, Twistedlimbs, Speed Goat, Snakey, Calusa and any other high end customs inlaid with the turquoise arrowhead makers mark.)

         Non-lifetime series bows warranty:

For other, non-lifetime series bows(built after serial number 250), the warranty is 30 days for full replacement, and free lifetime repair (if the bow is repairable) with shipping costs paid by the customer.

(Non-lifetime series bows are inexpensive no/low customized bows such as the Walkabout or Cherokee models)

For more detailed information regarding care, warnings, and disclaimers, please click this link -->

NOTE:  Warranties are non-transferable and apply to original purchasers only. However, I still offer free lifetime repairs (if repairs can be made) with the shipping costs payable by the customer.

NOTE: Warranties do not cover wearable parts such as Bowstrings, fur silencers, or leather grip/strikeplates.

               Snake skin de-laminations are covered, however the scales are not covered in warranty and are               considered a wearable part, so treat them nicely.