Flint Knapping Tutorials

Thank you for visiting the HuntPrimitive Flint Knapping Tutorials page. Below you will find links that will direct you to the videos of interest to help you become a better Flint Knapper.

The very basics of Flint Knapping  video. click here

Copper tools Flint Knapping videos:

Flint Knapping for Beginners video. click here

How to Identify Knapping Rocks click here

Knapping a Cahokia Point click here

How to biface with indirect percussion click here

How to Spall Flint click here

Flintknapping for beginners, Getting better. click here

How to Knap Cobbles click here

How to Notch and Sharpen your points. Click here


How to heat treat knapping rock under a fire. Click here

How to sharpen stone points to be Scary Sharp Click here


Abo and Antler Knapping videos:

Intro to Knapping with Antler click here

Making and using a stone knife click here

Newnan (This video has a lot of knapping information on stemmed archaic points) click here

Knapping a Pedernales Point click here

Pressure Flaking with a Porcupine tooth. click here

How to make a Big game hunting point (how to make an edwards point) click here