Sticks & Stones (Primitive Adventures)




                     Authored By: Ryan Gill
Sticks and Stones is a trove of short stories based entirely on primitive bow hunting.
The stories follow the events of Bowyer, Flintknapper and Hunter, Ryan Gill, as he grows from an experimenter in his youth, to an experienced bow hunter that harvests North American big game with self made stick bows and stone points.
The anecdotes show the progression of crude weapons and hammered metal points through some of his early writings, and finishes with a hunter filled with experience, patience and sense of fulfillment as he journeys to master hunting with the stone arrowhead.
Not only are these the stories that defined me as a primitive bowyer, knapper, and hunter, but there are also tons of little tips to be found within it as well. Unlike most writers, I also include stories of failure so others can hopefully learn from some of my mistakes and avoid making the very same ones. This is a very honestly written book meant to entertain, teach, and inspire. It includes many different hunts, from spot and stalk mule deer, ground and tree hunting whitetails, pig hunts, small game, and trials and tribulations with those pesky turkeys that prove to be the toughest animals I have ever bow hunted. if you are a beginner looking for inspiration, or a seasoned hunter wanting to step into the primitive realm, then this book is for you!

6″ x 9″ Black and white (color cover) paperback book with several self-taken photographs. Approx. 144 pages