Flintknapping Bag/Pad




The Flintknapping Travel bag/pad 

Made from split bison hide, this 10″ x10″ bag is a great piece of kit to add to your knapping gear.  Not only is it a great ravel bag for you tools and rock, but it doubles as a pad. The integrated flap acts as the small pad used to dump the debitage flakes. No need to constantly bend down to pick up a dropped pad, this bag/pad stays perfectly centered on your leg for an ideal work surface. It has a divider in the middle creating a second pocket to keep your tools and rock separate while also then giving 4 layers of bison hide stacked together to create a great pad to decrease the wear and tear of your knapping leg. Once you try it you’ll likely never want to knap with anything else again! 

-Adjustable strap
-Works great for both copper and primitive knapping kits
*Tools and Rock not included