Primitive Flint Knapping Kits (Abo: Antler & Stone)


Due to drying materials full kits and abo indirect percussion sticks are on backorder until approximately May 15th 2021. Purchases can still be made.

You can Order the full kits, or individual components as needed. More information on what each kit includes is listed lower on the page.

Due to high volume of orders and that kits and rock orders require building, spalling, cooking etc.. please expect 1-4 days for processing & shipping of orders. You will receive an email when your package has shipped.

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As seen used by Ryan Gill on the HuntPrimitive YouTube channel (linked at the bottom of this page), Primitive Flint Knapping Kits are comprised of hand selected antler components by Ryan Gill to ensure proper density and the best work-ability possible. Hammerstones and antler are the earliest and truest form of Flint Knapping, however, it is typically more difficult to use and master compared to copper knapping tools.  While we always encourage people to assemble their own knapping kits, we also know that not everyone has immediate access to the best components needed to make a good knapping kit (such as Moose bits, Axis deer billets, and fresh whitetail antler tines), so we are now offering these (while supplies last) to our customers. The unfortunate side is, Premium antler is getting a bit expensive; the good side is, you’ll be getting the best abo components available.

The Basic Abo kit comes with:

A leather pad, 1 Free hand Axis antler billet, 1 larger deer antler tine for pressure flaking and brushing (abrading), 1 Small antler tine for final edge work, and a hammerstone.

The Deluxe Abo kit comes with everything in the Basic Abo kit, but also includes the Moose antler tipped Abo Indirect Percussion stick.

basic abo kit shown below

Primitive abo flint knapping kit

Deluxe abo kit shown below with moose antler indirect percussion stick

Deluxe abo flint knapping kit

Watch the video of using a Primitive Flint Knapping Kits at this link here –>

Fun Story, Ryan Gill flint knapped for over a decade with nothing but these aboriginal/indigenous style tools. In that time he never so much as felt a copper or other modern tool. That style of knapping sculpted him into the knapper he is today. Since then, Ryan has transitioned into using copper tools more often to both teach other flint knappers and help create the best knapped points and tools available. However, you can still see Ryan work extensively with these ancient tools in my of his videos.

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Basic Abo Kit, Deluxe Abo Kit, Free hand axis antler billet, Hammerstone, Large Antler Tine, Moose Antler Indirect Percussion Stick, Small Antler tine