Understanding Draw Length

For those that need more information on understanding your draw length for ordering a bow:

Wood bows have limits to the distance they can be drawn. Never ever draw a bow past its marked draw length. Draw length is measure from the pulled string to the back (part that faces away from you) of the bow. Over drawing a bow may cause it to catastrophically explode and cause damage to persons or property.

Some people might say, “Well, then I will just order a bow that is safe to draw to 30 inches.” This would be fine if you were just hobby shooting targets where weight doesn’t really matter. However, if you are planning on hunting with the bow, you must have the bow properly sized to your draw length.  Say you order a bow that is 50# @ 30 inch draw. If it turns out you are only drawing  that bow 25 inches, then the weight of the bow at your draw length is roughly going to be only 35 pounds which is not sufficient for hunting big game in terms of primitive bows. Don’t guess on draw length. The performance of these bows hit their peak at full draw. They are designed to perform best at a certain draw length. If you are still unsure of your draw, watch this video. It’s ok to order a bow an inch over your draw length, just not several inches. Never order a bow under your draw length. This is all very very important stuff so if you need extra help, just call. 352 428 4704.