Osage Woomera-style Atlatl


Osage Woomera style Atlatl Thrower (Spears not included) 

please allow up to 1 week for build depending on current order load.

Full kits with spears can be ordered at this link – Click here



These are our new hand carved Osage Woomera inspired Atlatls.

This page is just for the thrower component. Spears not included on this page. To view the full hunting kits with spears, click this link – Click here

These are hand carved out of natural staves of Osage Orange wood for a perfect weight and beautiful aging color. Since they are hand carved, they are all just a little different with their natural grain wiggles. This gives them a really nice primitive look and feel while still being refined and well crafted.  They are inspired by the Woomeras made by the aborininees but with our own HuntPrimitive twist. The centers are gouged out by hand and the piece carved specifically to be the fasting loading atlatls possible. The scooped out center easily gathers in the nock end of the spear and funnels it perfectly onto the spur. This allows them to be loaded quickly, even at a full run!  The handles are slightly contoured for a good grip and muscle memory to promote great consistency in the throw. The scoops are also multi-purpose. Aside from fast loading, they can be used for scooping water, mixing paint or glue, or even as a long dinner plate for extended stays in the bush.  

These are 24″ long and are designed to perfectly fit our HuntPrimitive Hunting spears. They are a bit too long to properly balance our starter spears and therefore not recommended for the smaller starter spear sets. No bannerstone are required and the rounded belly of the thrower won’t accept a bannerstone. They are perfectly balanced already!

spears not included