If you have questions or want to place a custom order please call (Business/order related calls only please)

If you have questions about building, hunting, or just looking to chat, I appreciate that but ask that you send an email. I am usually pretty busy building/filling orders, out shooting videos, hunting, or spending my free time with family. I always like to respond and help my followers reach their goals, but we've gotten to where I fall behind on orders because an hour or more a day is spent on the phone in the middle of projects.  If you have bow building questions, (90% of my calls are people asking how to build) please consider purchasing my extremely informative book by clicking here. If you have questions regarding how to hunt with primitive weapons, please consider purchasing my book on that subject as well, by clicking here.  This isn't because you are not important to me, but rather to better serve my customers with paid orders looking to receive their products as soon as possible. Thanks much!


HuntPrimitive Office- 352 345 4150    (9 am - 7 pm EST, Mon- Thursday are normal office hours)

(We typically take calls, but if I don't, there is a good reason, please try again later or leave a message.)