Arrow Building Tutorials

Below you will find videos relevant to building Primitive arrows. Some may be cross over videos from other projects, but they all have very important arrow information in them also.

How to build cane arrows click here

Importance of Building and Hunting with Overspined Arrows click here

How to make a 2 fletch arrow (this one is for an atlatl but the process on a 2 fletch arrow is the same) click here

Stone Vs Steel penetration tests click here

Straightening hardwood shafts (Another atlatl video, but the process for arrows is the same) click here

Stone age Arrow Build click here

How to haft Stone points to Arrows (old video but still good) click here

To use Foreshafts or not to use foreshafts click here

Does Arrow Spine Matter in Primitive Archery click here

Bow hunting Rabbits (This has good info on hunting with arrows without points for small game.) click here

A really crappy video on shooting arrows of different weights, but very good information regarding the un-importance of matching arrow weights withing hunting distances. click here