Blade-Core Knives


Blade core knives come with 1 handle and a total of 3 blades (1 blade attached, 2 replacement blades)

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These very sharp flint knives are made using the Blade-core technology (click here for a video demonstration of making blades). This technology is extremely old and utilized the extremely sharp edges created by single conchoidal breaks. The blades are glued into the softwood carved handles with genuine pine pitch. These knives come with a blade attached, but also 2 additional replacement blades. Replacing the blades is as simple as gently heating the knife to soften the pitch, removing the blade, and re-gluing a replacement blade. additional replacement blades can be ordered by clicking here. I also recommend adding a pack of pine pitch glue (click here) to your knife order so you always have a little extra glue on hand, although the original glue used can be saved, reheated and used to glue in the replacement blades. To see a video of using these knives and replacing the blades, check at the bottom of the page (***video coming soon). When used for skinning and processing animals, we highly recommend using simple, disposable incision blades to make initial incisions through hide and hair to preserve the edge of your blade core blade for use on meat and tissue.

You’ll find these knives have very smooth and sharp edges that are ideal for cutting meat and processing animals just like Clovis people and those that lived tens of thousands of years before. You can see them in action in our second Clovis Bison Hunt & Butcher Documentary.

*Note: Some blades have more curl than others but all will fit in the cut slot. This is typical for blade core knives. We try to provide the straightest blades possible but some curl is natural and to be expected.