Stone Hunting Points

Why HuntPrimitive Stone Points?  When you trust in HuntPrimitive, you are getting proven and guaranteed reliability. Are there points out there that are cheaper? You bet there are, however stone points are certainly not all created equal.  After years of dedication and proven hunting success, customers trust that HuntPrimitive points are going penetrate and deliver devastating results time and time again. In the moment of the shot, don't gamble with inferior points.  Trust the proven success of the scary sharp HuntPrimitive  points Plus, once you're successful, I'll send you a brand new point for free with my Point Rewards Program!

   There are thousands of Flintknappers out there, 98% of which never actually hunt with their points and have no idea what size and sharpness it takes to efficiently kill big game. Take the worry out of the equation and get it right the first time.  Ready to purchase? click here