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Stone Hunting Points for Arrows.

Stone is lighter than steel! Many folks want to order 125 grain points but that is actually a really big stone point! Too big in my experienced opinion to reliably and repeatedly take deer sized animals except from very high performing bows. I have done much better with smaller dimension, lighter weight points. I have a TON of information on this and the reason why linked right here. Small dimensions are better for Penetration. If you’d like to see even more, click here

There is quite literally an art to properly making arrows to shoot properly with appropriately sized stone points. This is something I specialize in. I highly recommend purchasing both arrows and points from me if you’ve not done it before, but lots of this information can be found under the “Classes, Information & Education” pages.

All points are minimum 7/8″ wide to meet legal size requirements. Physical dimensions vary a bit but I ONLY send points that I would personally hunt with so have faith that you are getting points made by a hunter for hunting.

I have streamlined the process in which I make and sell points to be able to service my every growing customer base. I now offer only 2 sizes of point.  Small (most recommended), and Large point for high performing bows and atlatls. I believe I can service every customer very well with these 2 options.

–The Small points are the best choice for hunting big game. the penetrate the very best and are still way-plenty big to kill deer/bear/boar/elk sized game. These are what I highly recommend. The sizes vary by about 15 grains an run 65-80 grains.  15 grains difference on the end of your arrow should make no noticeable difference at all in flight. I recommend tuning and practicing with 70 grain glue on field points to closely match these in weight.

— The Large points range from 80-100 grains. These are best suited for higher performance bows shooting a 500 grain arrow over 160 feet per second. These larger sized points do not kill game any deader than the smaller points so unless you absolutely feel you need the heavier weight for tuning reasons, then I recommend the smaller points.  The 20 grain variance in most circumstances will not effect arrow flight. I recommend tuning and practicing with 100gr glue on field points and see little to no changes in tuning between an 80 grain stone point and a 100 grain field point.


Flint (chert) is the toughest material (still plenty sharp but not super sharp)

Obsidian is the sharpest (Very sharp but a little more fragile)

Dacite is a nice blend of both (nice middle ground between chert and obsidian)

If you are used to shooting 125+ grain points and want to shoot stone, If you  purchase my arrows and points I can make it happen even with stone points by using cheater weights in the arrow’s tip. Just call 352 428 4704 for more explanation and you can order on the phone if you please.

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Large 80-100 grains, Small 65-80 grains (recommended size)


Cahokia (side notch), Corner Notch


one (1), set of 12, set of 3, set of 6

Hafted to ordered arrows? (arrows sold separately)

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Dacite, Flint (Chert), Obsidian