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Fur silencers (shown) at additional cost.

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Need a Bow string?  My bows all come with a string but many people like to have an extra for emergencies.
My strings are hand twisted out of B-50 Dacron. They are Done in simple double loops that do not slip and a twisted “serving” area.  My Strings are not ultra fast and thin, super performers. In fact I do not recommend fast flight or non-stretch strings on my bows, or any selfbow for that matter.
I use brown and tan for colors and do not have a wrapped serving or loops, just simply beefed up in the nocking point area to better except your nocks.  They are not fancy works of art, but fit the look of a selfbow better than a fancy looking string served in Monofilament or bright colors. If you want safe function, buy one of mine, if you want fancy I recommend a string supplier!   Do mine work? are they “fast enough”?  I only shoot my strings, I kill deer and shoot very well in tournaments with mine…so…yep.

Additional information

Draw Weight (approx.)

40-45#, 45-50#, 50-55#, 55-60#, 60-65#, 65-70#

Fur silencers

No, Yes

string length needed

45.5", 45", 46.5", 46", 47.5", 47", 48.5", 48", 49.5", 49", 50.5", 50", 51.5", 51", 52.5", 52", 53.5", 53", 54.5", 54", 55.5", 55", 56.5", 56", 57.5", 57", 58.5", 58", 59.5", 59", 60.5", 60", 61.5", 61", 62.5", 62", 63.5", 63", 64.5", 64", 65.5", 65", 66.5", 66", 67.5", 67", 68"


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