The Newnan Project


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The Newnan Project is a study in the manufacture and practical application of Archaic stemmed atlatl points from Florida and the Southeast.  This project comes in both DVD and Book versions that have crossover information, but each also includes additional information that either presents itself better in Film or Book versions.  Also available with this project is an entire cast set of artifacts and points made and used in this study to hunt a wild boar.

The Book is 53 full color pages

The DVD is 1 hour 36 minutes long

The book and video compliment each other very well

The full cast kit includes 7 highly detailed cast packages with a total of 12 casts total including artifacts, hafting sockets, and points that were recreated and hunted with in this study.

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Newnan Project

"Newnan" Book & DVD combo, "Newnan" the Book, "Newnan" the DVD, Cast Kit, The Full Newnan kit (book, dvd, & casts)