Stone Point Rewards

Stone Point Reward Page
What is the worst part about hunting with stone points????    The high cost and the limited amount of use you get from them! Right?   Trust me, I know. I have been there myself before I learned to knap my own points. Stone Points are expensive and you can only use them once or twice…Man that stinks right????     Not any more!

I have always tried to be extremely low priced on my stone points so more people could enjoy them. But not only are they still expensive when ordering multiple points, but believe it or not, I don’t make hardly anything on them!  I am getting more and more point orders every month and with a struggle to keep up with all the point, knife, arrow and bow orders, I needed a solution that benefits you the consumer and me the small business owner.  The result is a Plan that Rewards you for using your stone points!

I honestly feel my points are the best available and I want to put them in your hands to prove it. I have gotten nothing but great feedback regarding how sharp my points are! Unfortunately, My prices have had to increase over time. I suppose that is just the nature of the beast, But that doesn’t mean I can’t provide you with an awesome deal.

Here is the plan— For every point you buy, I will give you credit towards a FREE replacement……
 if, you kill a big game animal with it and email me a picture for my website!

example:  If you buy Stone Hunting points from me..
When you kill any Big Game animal (deer, bear, elk, turkey, pig, etc…) with one, I will send you a replacement point for free!  You keep the kill point, I just send you a brand new one to replace it to reward you for your success!  That counts for every point on your order. So if you ordered, lets say, 6 points and you kill 6 deer with them, I will send 6 new points for free!     So every ordered point = one free replacement if you are successful with it, for as many as you originally purchased.
        Here is all you have to do:

   – kill a big game animal with one of my stone points
   – email me a nice, tasteful picture with written consent to use it on my website’s picture gallery
   – pay $3.00 shipping  (check, cash, money order, or paypal) …yeah I know, Unfortunately you still need to pay the shipping,sry

And receive a replacement point in a couple weeks.  It is that simple.  You get more bang for your buck and I get more testimonials and pictures for my website.