HuntPrimitive offers many different styles of primitive bows and specializes in custom orders. Each bow has a certain uniqueness to it and carries characteristics unlike any other bow. Browse through all of my models and choose which one is right for you!

Why choose a HuntPrimitive bow?  -

Ryan Gill hand makes each bow from seasoned staves of North American bow wood. He hunts with all of his bow models and has taken 34 big game animals with selfbows, cane arrows and stone points. While not necessarily specializing in by the book reproductions, Ryan's primitive bows and arrows are often inspired by the designs of Native American bows and arrows.

Ryan- "When you want a proven hunting bow or archery set, I'm your go-to guy.  I take huge amounts of pride in each bow that crosses my bench. This is my  full time work and I have fully immersed myself into building superior hunting bows. I don't rush home from a 9-5 job and struggle through punching out a bow in my spare time. This is how I earn a living, so I always schedule enough time to work each bow, arrow and stone point into high performing works of art. I have an incredible warranty and have total confidence in each piece that I build. I am a "quality" not "quantity" bowyer. Each bow is carefully crafted to be the best it can be and never rushed. If I am not happy with a bow, it never leaves my shop. Have confidence that when you buy a Ryan Gill/HuntPrimitive bow, you are getting a best of the best hunting bow."  I have heard a saying that reads, "A good bowyer can build a bow out of nearly any stave". While I will agree, I would also like to expand that by stating, "A great bowyer doesn't make bows from junk wood".  That is why I am confident that a bow purchased through me will be the only bow you could ever need.

Have confidence knowing that gear purchased through me is real primitive bow hunting quality.