How YOU Can Help

This page is designed specifically for people that want to be instrumental in supporting Primitive Revival Productions and the videos we produce. We understand there are kind-hearted folks that want to donate to the creation of primitive hunting videos. We prefer not to accept "donations", but rather offer a product for purchase that 100% of the proceeds go directly in the Primitive Revival Fund.  All carefully inventoried products purchased off this page benefit P.R.P. so if you are looking to help out, Feel free to browse through these pages to find a product that appeals to you! Your purchase helps us and you get a nice memento in exchange.


These hand turned Osage Deer Grunts are a fantastic addition to your craftsman's collection. Proceeds on these calls go 100% to the support of creating Primitive Revival Production videos.  Click here to purchase yours today! First come first serve.


Super Nice Custom made bow mounted quiver. Easy on and off without having to remove your arrows. Veneered in real water moccasin skin. To check it out, click here!