Box of Clunkies


Sold by the Flat rate Medium Priority box full. Approx 20 pounds

Flat rate shipping included in the price to anywhere in the USA.



A Box of Clunkies is pretty much what it sounds like. It is actually great quality rock but in clunky or abstract pieces that I wouldn’t send out as premium flakes and spalls. Everything that needs heat treated has been treated and each box is approximately 20 pounds of mixed rock of all types, just whatever I have that fills the box.  These are often what I personally knap if you have seen some of my videos on knapping half round cobbles or difficult pieces. I have so many of these now, I will put a few boxes up from time to time as I get a surplus.  There is a lot of life left in the rocks in these boxes. Some can be worked down into just 1 point and other could be spalled down into several arrow point sized pieces.