Hand-Drill Fire Kits


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Proven Hand Drill kits for the truly primitive!   Watch the Video! Click Here!

Why Hand Drill?  In my opinion Hand Drilling for Fire is more difficult, but it is far more rewarding than other methods. If you have mastered the hand drill, you no longer need the other methods. This has been my personal experience. A hand drill kit required less pieces to make a coal and is less to carry around when roving or on a “walk about”. Since I am an experienced hand driller, I have no use for a bow drill or flint sets. My hand drill set fits comfortably in my Quiver if I plan on needing it!  It is just as reliable as other methods if you practice and know what you are doing!
About my experience in hand drilling:  I do a lot of cooking over coals for my family (3-5 times a week!) I keep well practiced by only using the hand drill to make these fires. I haven’t built a fire with matches or a lighter in a long time! My goal was to master this skill to fully appreciate fire to it’s fullest. While I am very well seasoned in the art of fire making, it is by no means a guarantee!  As long as you have a good set and keep it dry, you should be able to get a coal. Let it get soaked and you will never be successful. The best way to get consistent is practice practice practice.
What you get with my kit. They may just seem like sticks to you, but in reality you are getting a fully proven combination of spindle and hearth, No question about it. I have personally made fire with each one at least once, but most likely you will see evidence of several fires from each hearth. I prefer to use a set 3 or 4 times and then make a new one. It keeps me interested in trying new sets!  The good news for you is that I get a surplus of these sets and I just cannot use them all, so they get to be offered to you guys to try! The biggest problem people have with the hand drill is choosing the correct woods to use and making sure they are sufficiently dry. Making fire is hard enough especially when you are just getting started. I recommend that everyone finds their own local woods to make fire with but to have a good proven set to learn on is worth it’s weight in gold!  A good set to learn on is a great way to get your confidence up without worrying that you may have picked the wrong materials. Take the materials variable out of the equation and get one of my proven sets to learn on. There are dozens of fires to still be made from each set!