Knapping Kits and Rock Combos


These combo kits all include flat rate USPS priority shipping costs in the purchase price (within the USA) 

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While you can order the tool kits, individual tools, and any amount of rock you like by browsing through the FlintKnapping menu tab on the main menu, These Combo Kits offer simple suggested solutions as to what to order while giving a variety of knapping rocks to choose from.  All rock provided by HuntPrimitive is ready for knapping and has been spalled and heat treated (if applicable).

***(Rock types may vary from what is pictured but will be a combination of whatever  good rock we have in stock)

We have Starter Knapping Kits and 8 pounds of mixed flakes and spalls of rock. This is a great way to get started on your journey of knapping.

All shipped in one USPS priority box with shipping costs included in the sale price


Deluxe Kits and 10 pounds of Rock are also shipped in a single box, but you can take advantage of getting as many tools and rock in one Flat rate box as possible. It’s a little more value packed into one box and provides more rock and a couple extra tools for advanced learning.


The Mastery Kit will be shipped separate from the Rock due to the longer indirect percussion stick that is included. Since the tool kit can’t fit in the rock box, we have packed a full 15 pounds of rock into the rock box to give you the greatest amount of rock possible for the same shipping costs of shipping a lesser amount. This is the best value for someone very serious about knapping the best points and blades 

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Deluxe Kit and 10 pounds of rock, Mastery Kit and 15 Pounds of rock, Starter Kit and 8 pounds of rock