Woodland Hunter Atlatl


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HuntPrimitive created the new Woodland Hunter Atlatl to be a blend of the starter set, and the Pro-Hunter atlatl set. The Woodland Hunter is a shorter, lighter version of the Pro-hunter and utilizes replaceable foreshafts, but is specifically for small-medium sized game from everything from Rabbits, peccary, deer, and pigs (with the exceptions of big mature boars with thick shields). They don’t carry the weight for momentum of the bigger Pro-hunter, but as a result are bit shorter at 7 ft long overall (6ft main shaft, 1 foot long replaceable foreshaft) and more maneuverable through thicker environments as well as easier to transport.

These spears throw well with both the Starter atlatl throwers, as well as the New Woodland Atlatl Thrower (pictured below)

Each set ordered comes with a Woodland style atlatl (thrower), 2 Woodland Hunter spear shafts, 2 practice pointed foreshafts, and 2 stone tipped hunting foreshafts. (Woodland style atlatl will come with leather grip, bannerstone, and an arrowhead inlay) If you would prefer to assemble your own kit with a customized atlatl, you can choose your atlatl by clicking here, and then click the spears and foreshaft links below.  If you would like me to just build a great atlatl set at my discretion, you can purchase this set as it comes on this page.

Additional Woodland Hunter spear shafts can be ordered by clicking here, and/or extra foreshafts can be added to your cart by clicking here.

Although the HuntPrimitive standard 2 fletch is all that in necessary to achieve great flight, those that prefer a 3 fletch can now order that option as well. (additional charges apply)

(Pictured below with the Woodland Hunter Atlatl Thrower with bannerstone.)

3 fletch option shown below


Additional information

Atlatl Thrower Type

Stick-Style Starter Thrower, Woodland Hunter Atlatl Thrower with bannerstone

Fletching configuration

3-fletch (additional costs apply), Standard 2-Fletch

Point Type

Bolen, Dalton