Cherokee Inspired Bows


Please allow 3-6 weeks for build an delivery.  All bows shipped within the continental USA have shipping prices included in the cost of the purchase.

Also check down at the bottom of this page to see one of these Ryan Gill built with only stone age tools and techniques, and then took on a wild hog hunt.

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One of the most Identifiable names in Native American archery are the Cherokee. Very similar to the Cherokee bows, these style of bows are modeled after a style of bow common throughout the Eastern and South Eastern regions of North America. A classic D shape, wider Diamond shaped nocks, more parallel designed limbs, and a simple braintain wrapped grip with no arrowshelf.  It’s pretty much the quintessential primitive style of bow shot east of the Mississippi.  Bows made by Ryan Gill are both very authentic in design, but also extremely reliable.  We currently offer it in 2 options of Hickory and Osage wood, made from natural staves of wood, no laminations or lumber are ever used here at HuntPrimitive.   These bows come with a dacron string twisted in a tradition cordage twist pattern, or with a more modern flemish style with fur silencers. With this style some natural deflex or string follow is normal and consistent.

Osage shown below

hickory Model Shown below

Additional information

Draw Length (Extremely Important Info)

22 inch draw, 23 inch draw, 24 inch draw, 25 inch draw, 26 inch draw, 27 inch draw, 28 inch draw, 29 inch draw, 30 inch draw


Left handed, Right handed

Draw Weight (approx.)

40-45#, 45-50#, 50-55#, 55-60#, 60-65#, 65-70#

Wood Selection

Hickory, Osage

Makers Mark Arrowhead Inlay

Bison Horn Black, None, Turquoise

String Style

Flemish twist with fur silencers (More modern double loop string), Primitive style cordage twist (no fur silencers)