New! Atlatl Banner Stone


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These Bannerstones are resin-cast replicas of an Original Artifact Bannerstone from the Tad Pettit collection. It has a very clear face effigy carved in, as well as a flat back and groove for attachment with pitch and rawhide. (attachment materials not included)

You can order these in the light or true weighted versions. The light versions are great for adding to existing atlatls that don’t require a bannerstone, and the true weight version is the same weight as the original rock bannerstone.

What even is a bannerstone??  A bannerstone acts as a counterbalance on the atlatl to balance out the front heavy weight of the spear. It can also help add momentum to the throw.  So, if you are going to have a bannerstone, why not use a copy of an original artifact? That is exactly what we do here at HuntPrimitive.

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