The Mammoth Skinner


please allow 1-2 weeks for build and delivery



The New  “Mammoth Skinner” is a larger version of the Bison Skinner. It is made from tough and sharp, raw Edwards cherts (colors vary between brown, grey and black). The blades are knapped in a classic paleo Simpson, Beaver Lake / unfluted Clovis  style of blade as seen during the Paleolithic period when the megafauna roamed the earth and were being hunted by Nomadic hunters.  They are hafted with real pine pitch and sinew into a hardwood handle and are made to work. Sharp, tough, and ready to handle even the biggest jobs in primitive building or skinning.

Pictured below is a comparison in size and style to the smaller Bison Skinner, also a great building and skinning knife!

Pictured below are the un-hafted blades of the Mammoth Skinners, knapped from Raw chert/flint rocks in the classic paleolithic styles