Just Plain Arrows!


Sold in sets of 6 and 12

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Are you just looking for a good set of arrows, plain and simple?  Well, these are what you are looking for.

They are great quality Surewood Fir shafts, 11/32 diameter, hand straightened, and just a good quality set of arrows meant to do one job: Shoot!

They are as good as any wood arrow, but they are simplified down to eliminate all the extra fancy stuff and time consuming processes like cutting selfnocks, sinew fletching, cut and grinding wild turkey feathers, and painting crests. These are a high quality economy arrow with field points included. They are full length, approximately 31.5 inches long from the inside of the nock to the base of the point. 

They come ready to shoot straight out of the package. 

The leading end of the real feather fletchings have been wrapped with artificial sinew so they are safe to shoot from off-knuckle primitive bows without worry of having your hand impaled by a fletch. 

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40-45#, 45-50#, 50-55#, 55-60#, 60-65#

Field Point Weight

160gr, 100gr, 125gr, 70gr, Full length, no points


set of 12, set of 6